Why make your digital event
feel like a glorified video call when it could be a......

Attendees can explore, mingle and make serendipitous discoveries in your unique, fully customizable 3D world!

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Your Own Branded World!

Get started in seconds with one of our pre-built, customizable worlds or create a serious splash with something totally unique!

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So Simple, Even Mom Can Use it

Other platforms can be difficult to use, so we made VirtualFest super user-friendly.

Setting up and managing your event is a breeze.

Exhibitors will love how easy it is to customize their own virtual booth.

Attendees can explore at their own pace, interacting with booths and other guests as intuitively as in real life.

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Any Event, Big or Small

Whether you're hosting a job fair for 30, or a music festival for 4000, we've got you covered.

With events starting from as low as $1K, your own customized 3D event is more affordable than you think.

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Desktop & Mobile

Every VirtualFest event is accessible from desktop or mobile without any apps to download, so no-one misses out.

Friendly Support

Direct line to support 24/7. Organizer and exhibitor on-boarding as well as weekly check-in meetings.

Safe and Secure

We'll keep your event and everyone attending safe by providing a personal, secure login for each attendee.

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Recent Events

The American Cancer Society

We teamed up with the American Cancer Society and Northeastern University for the Relay For Life, raising $79,000 for cancer research!

NU School of Law

We 3D modelled the NU School of Law's events hall for a custom student orientation that included panel discussions, zoom-integrated booths, chat and more!

Build Your First Event Free

We built VirtualFest to bring the excitement and personality back to remote events of all shapes and sizes

Tony Scherba - CEO, Yeti

VirtualFest is the brainchild of Yeti, a San Francisco product studio that’s worked with some of the biggest names in tech.

When the pandemic hit the US in March of 2020, we began experimenting with digital event platforms to break the soul-crushing monotony of Zoom calls.

None of them had a great user experience and the resulting events just felt like glorified conference calls.

We knew we had to create something more engaging and easy to use. Something that could re-create the serendipity and novelty of a real-life event.

The first immersive 3D events we created for our University and Non-profit customers went down a storm and the rest is history....just like those uninspiring zoom calls....

We’ve worked with the best

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VirtualFest FAQs

I’m not very technical....how do I get started with VirtualFest?
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Not to worry! We know that other virtual events platforms can be difficult  to use, so we designed VirtualFest to be super user-friendly for individuals of all technical backgrounds!

To get started you’ll simply need to choose a virtual venue for your event, provide us with a bit of information about event logistics and we’ll take care of the rest!

We'll provide your administrative team with training on our easy-to-use admin portal, send attendees their login information for the day of the event, and assist any exhibitors that may be having difficulty setting up their booths - and of course, our team  will be  available to assist with any technical issues that may  arise on the day of your event.

How will attendees participate in the experience?
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Head into our demo world to experience VirtualFest from a participant's point of view!

VirtualFest is an engaging and interactive 3D event experience like no other. Once your guest has signed in to your event they’ll have the opportunity to customize a personal avatar that they’ll then use to explore your virtual world at their own pace. They’ll be provided with a schedule of the day's events  and have the opportunity to visit exhibitor booths that include integrated video conferencing, watch mainstage speakers & presentations and enjoy chatting with other event attendees.

What is a VirtualFest like for exhibitors?
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Exhibitors are provided with access to our easy-to-use CMS where they're able to customize their booth with images, videos, banners, links and information that they’d like displayed.

Additionally, each exhibitor booth is integrated with Zoom video conferencing. When attendees enter the booth they’ll be given the opportunity to join a video chat with the exhibitor and other attendees.

How will my VirtualFest be managed on the big day?
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On the day of your event our team  will be  available to assist with any technical issues that arise. We do ask event organizers to facilitate support as it pertains to event logistics like timing etc.

We provide you and your guests with a safe and secure environment by issuing each attendee a personal, secure login - however, in the event of disruptive guests, your Admin team will be provided with the ability to mute or remove individual attendees.

VirtualFest integrates with helpdesk systems like intercom if our customers wish to integrate it.